Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Northport Mill Pond Association is to preserve and protect the Northport Mill Pond. 

How will we do it

In addition to promoting awareness and education, the Northport Mill Pond Association's focus is on raising money to help lessen the financial burden of maintaining the Northport Mill Pond. Monies raised will go through the LTCF to the Village of Northport for the express purpose of maintaining the Pond.

How it began

The Northport Mill Pond is an iconic and beloved feature in Northport, Michigan. But like everything, the Mill Pond requires love and attention to stay healthy and beautiful. Maintenance concerns led to the formation of the Northport Mill Pond Association. The Northport Mill Pond is owned and maintained by the Village of Northport. The Northport Mill Pond Association aims to help the village by raising funds and suggesting improvements.

Contact Information

Northport Mill Pond Association
P.O. Box 8
Northport, MI 49670

Email: info@northportmillpond.com
Phone: 231-386-9841